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Henry Poor Founding Member of “Green Suppliers Council”

Jim Andrew recently announced that Henry Poor Lumber has become a founding member of the Green Suppliers’ Council, a nationwide network of building material dealers formed to promote and facilitate green building in the residential construction market.

“Whether your interest is in reducing global warming, lowering your utility bills, or creating a healthy indoor environment, green building makes sense,” says Jim Andrew, Henry Poor Lumber Co. President. “In our role as a home builder’s largest single supplier, we provide not only products, but also installation and building science expertise. Our mission is to develop programs that will help our customers build green homes efficiently and cost-effectively.”

The Council held its first meeting June 18 – 20 in Toronto, hosted by CMHC International, the export division of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.  At this meeting Jim received an overview of the state of the worldwide green building movement and an in-depth examination of the latest trends in green home building.

Local Green Initiative
Locally Henry Poor has teamed with
Environmental Recycling Inc to recycle all materials that are generated on new construction jobsites. By sending all construction material waste through ERI Recycling none of these products find their way to a transfer station, landfill, or an incinerator. This also facilitates projects requiring L.E.E.D. certification.  Products handled by ERI Recycling from new construction sites include wood, drywall, vinyl siding, cardboard, paper, plastic, copper, aluminum, scrap metals, carpet pad, concrete, brick, and asphalt.

For more information on green products, services, and resources available at Henry Poor Lumber Co., call Jim Andrew (765) 474-1388 or e-mail at [email protected].

These websites have additional Green Ideas:  U.S Green Building Council, www.usgbc.com; and The Green Home Guide, www.greenhomeguide.org

Download the informational PDF Environmental-recycling-inc.pdf