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Home Works Idea Center offers innovative concepts that provide local builders and contractors with products and solutions that will enhance the value of the homes they build and the services they provide.   Finding better ways to install tile showers and heating a home are just two of the many ideas that Home Works and Henry Poor can suggest.  

Schluter Shower System … speeds installation, durable, maintenance free
The Schluter integrated shower system for tiled showers creates a bonded watertight assembly that eliminates the risk of leakage due to vapor and water penetration, is maintenance free, and significantly reduces total installation time.  

By utilizing the Schluter-Kerdi prefabricated tray and curb, floor drain components, waterproofing strip and membrane, and pre-formed corners, your installation will be beautiful, durable and maintenance free.  For more on the Schluter Shower System go to www.schluter.com.   

ThermoNet Underfloor Heating … cost effective, easy to install, lifetime warranty
Thermo Net underfloor radiant heating systems bring soothing comfort and warmth to any room in a home…. kitchen, baths, laundry rooms, living and dining rooms, dens, and hallways.

Radiant underfloor heatmats are cost effective and can serve as a primary or secondary means of heating a room.  This product is suitable for all subfloors and works with most floor finishes, including ceramic, stone, vinyl, wood, and carpet.  It is simple and quick to install, is maintenance free, and has a lifetime warranty.  For more on ThermoNet Underfloor Heating contact us at Home Works. 

More Great Ideas
For more great ideas and values visit Home Works in Market Square or look us up at www.homeworksindiana.com.

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   Henry Poor and Home Works continue their commitment to providing products that are environmentally friendly and support our Green Initiative.  To see how one carpeting manufacturer is contributing to “going green” read our story on Shaw in our December Newsletter.