Henry Poor Engineered ProductsDesign Services, Trusses, Wall Panels and Floor Systems

Henry Poor has been providing hands on, local design and manufacturing services for engineered wood products including roof trusses, wall panels and floor systems for many years.

If you are not familiar with all we can do to simplify and reduce the cost of your construction projects, please take a minute to learn about all we have to offer.

Aaron Design Svcs

Local, Hands On Design Services

Our design department’s technical support staff is ready to help you take advantage of the benefits of pre-constructed roof, wall and floor systems.  Let Henry Poor make yo ur next job easier and more profitable. See Design Services

Roof trussRoof Trusses That Fit Your Specifications

Using roof trusses on your next job will make it faster, easier and more efficient. Options include attic, bowstring, dual pitch, fan, hip and any other configuration as required. See Roof Trusses

wall panelsWall Panels Designed and Fabricated

For large multi-unit projects, tract home construction, and larger buildings, Henry Poor Lumber can save you money on labor and material costs.  See Wall Panels

floor systems pixCustom Floor Systems for Every Project

Henry Poor Lumber will design, construct, and deliver custom floor systems built to your specifications.
See Floor Systems

Contact Us to have a Henry Poor specialist discuss the many options available to make your next construction project simpler and more profitable.