Happy Holidays from Henry Poor Lumber, Home Works at Henry Poor, and Flooring Express

Taking On Challenges Together
As a team of friends, family, employees, neighbors and suppliers the Henry Poor family was able to overcome a number of challenges, both personal and professional, in 2011. Opening Flooring Express in a new location on November 1, and moving our Home Works at Market Square store into our Henry Poor location at Concord and Brady Lane, took the cooperation of many, many people. Throughout my own personal challenge of dealing with cancer, I was truly refreshed by the outpouring of prayers, calls, cards and e-mails I received from so many friends. Your kindness and concern were overwhelming and I’m thankful to currently be in remission.

Our Family Is Growing
The Andrew family was also blessed with two new members to our ever expanding family. Finley (Jay and Michelle’s daughter) arrived at the end of May and Meredith (Tom and Sarah’s daughter) joined us in June. Keep them coming, what amazing bundles of joy!

Remembering Our Troops
We continue to pray for those serving our country in the armed forces who won’t be home for Christmas and for their tremendous sacrifices they continue to make to keep us out of harm’s way.

Supporting Our Neighbors
The Henry Poor companies will continue to support our many local charities as they reach out to those who are in need in these challenging economic times. The Community Cancer Network, YMCA, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, Food Finders Back Pack Program for Tippecanoe County Schools, and the Bauer Community Center’s Book Cycle have all received our dollars and many volunteer hours this past year. We would encourage everyone to continue to give of your time and support to those who need an extra hand throughout the year.

Our Christmas Wish To You
At this special time of year we are reminded of how special our family and friends are to us. Keep them close and don’t hesitate to share a warm hug. They are always needed and at times in short supply, so keep plenty in your personal inventory — they are priceless. It is with these thoughts and reflections that we would like to wish you and your family a very special Christmas and many blessings to come to you in 2012.

The families of Henry Poor, Home Works, and Flooring Express