Henry Poor Lumber and Flooring Express Upgrade Computer System

Improved Customer Service
Computer and MonitorImproving customer service and streamlining internal operations are important for any business.

At Henry Poor Lumber and Flooring Express we are in the process of installing new operations software, SpruceWare.NET, designed exclusively for Lumber, Hardware and Building Materials Dealers.

Streamlined Internal Operations
SpruceWare.NET provides a number of features that will improve our ability to enter and track orders, monitor inventory, and provide real time updates to our customers. As a Windows based system it is easy to learn and use, and is simple to interface into third party applications.

Training Class

Computer training for new software.

Overall it allows us to more easily access information, manage workflows, and analyze our operations in order to better serve our customers.

What this means to you, our customer ….

• Creating orders will take less time
• Checking the status of your order will be easier
• Reviewing available inventory will be streamlined
• Invoices and statements will be more detailed and easier to review
• Mobile applications will allow our sales specialists to enter orders, check order status, and review stock levels from the job site

We’ll need your help and feedback to update…

Computer Training Class
Henry Poor Lumber and Flooring Express administrative and sales staff training on their new SPRUCE computer.

• Credit applications
• Job Identification #’s and locations
• Charge Authorizations
• Company Contact Info

When you’ll see changes …

• Sample statements and invoices will go out in February
• Go Live Date is April 1
• Mobile applications later in 2013

If you have questions …
Call us at 765-474-1388 if you have any questions on your orders, invoices or statements. We are excited about our software upgrade and our ability to better serve our customers.