AZEK Vast Landscape and Resurfacing Pavers

VAST_DeckPavers, Reinvented

AZEK Pavers® are proving that landscape pavers do not have to be made from concrete or clay.

Made from up to 95% recycled materials and using a patented grid mounting system, AZEK Pavers are used in commercial and residential applications in place of traditional pavers.

New Construction or Resurfacing Projects

AZEK ApplicationsAZEK Pavers can be used in a number of different new construction or resurfacing projects. In either you create a unique look that is durable, stain resistant and easy to maintain. Learn more about technical specifications.

Environmentally Friendly
Using 95% recycled materials and incorporating their water permeable construction features, attaining LEED certification is easier. These pavers outperform concrete pavers with fly ash by more than ten times.

AZEK Paver OptionsEase of Installation
AZEK Pavers mount on a grid system that sets into the standard sand base or over the top of the material you are resurfacing. This means that pavers install quickly, accurately and do not move once attached to the grid. Contractors routinely reduce paver installation time by over 65%.

Three Color Options In Stock
Henry Poor Lumber carries three AZEK Paver products in stock – the Boardwalk, Redwood and Village. Other colors available are Olive and Waterwheel.  Learn more about color options.

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