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Rough Winter?

snow roofWith the extreme cold, record snowfall, and significant ice build-up, the outside of our homes have taken a beating this winter.

Our shingles and siding have been exposed to repeated freezing and thawing which can lead to damaged shingles and loose siding.

Once this occurs our homes are no longer protected from the elements, leading to significant water damage inside the home.

GAF Timberline HD Shingles

GAF Timberline Shingles offer a wide choice in architectural styles, colors and materials.  All of which are extraordinary durable, fire resistant and come with limited life time and 30 year warranties.

  • Shingle colorsGenuine wood shake look
  • Multiple styles
  • In Stock Colors:  Weathered Wood, Mission Brown, Pewter Gray, Barkwood, Charcoal,   Hickory, Slate
  • UL Class A fire rated (highest possible rating)
  • Lifetime Ltd. Warranty

For complete details visit GAF Timberline Shingles.

Georgia Pacific Compass Vinyl Siding

Compass Vinyl Siding offers a number of unique style combinations, is available in the most popular lap styles, and comes in a variety of colors including Briarwood, Clay, Hazelnut, Sage Brush, Pewter and White.  All in stock.

Compass Siding Features
It also has new features built in that include ….

  • 5/8″ panel projection for a more realistic shadow line
  • Grip Tight™ locking system, coupled with a sturdy .044″ panel thickness and double thickness nail hem delivers a 222 mph wind load
  • Double thickness bottom lock provides greater strength and reinforcement at a critical point in the locking system
  • Two versatile profiles: Double 4” Traditional Lap and Double 4.5” Dutch Lap
  • Color-through technology minimizes the appearance of scratches, 24 color choices
  • Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty

For more details go to Compass Vinyl Siding.

All The Accessories You’ll Need

Click to Contact Us  Synthetic Roofing Felt

Tough Guard Ice and Water Shield

Premium Roofing Adhesives

Full Line of Roofing Fasteners

Attic ventilation

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