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A Heat & Glo Fireplace for Every Home

Heat & Glo Gas Fireplaces and Inserts Offer a Wide Range of Models, Styles and Heating Options

Heat & Glo’s innovative and unique gas fireplace designs allow you to select the fireplace that fits your personal style and home’s décor.
Contemporary, traditional and fusion models bring the warmth and elegance of a fireplace into any room of your home.
Heat & Glo fireplaces

Heat & Glo fireplaces offer traditional and modern looks for both inside and outside settings.

Put a Fireplace in Any Room in Your Home

Direct vent gas fireplaces and inserts can be installed almost anywhere in your home.  This is because these fireplaces can vent directly through a side wall, roof, or existing chimney. This makes direct vent fireplaces well suited to be added to any room when building or remodeling a home.  With the variety of fireplace designs available, many models can be placed into smaller, narrower spaces that traditional fireplaces cannot.

Heat & Glo Gas Fireplaces

These fireplaces offer warmth and ambiance with true-to-life logs, large viewing areas and exceptional visual clarity.

With several choices of interiors, fronts and hand-crafted logs you can customize your fireplace to fit traditional or contemporary décor.  Linear designs offer a sleek, stylish design with long ribbon flames that add a real touch of class and sophistication to any room.

Gas fireplace insert

Heat & Glo Gas Fireplace Insert

The enclosed construction of a direct vent fireplace makes it more heat (energy) efficient. Less heat escapes to the outdoors and indoors therefore using less gas to warm your home. It will also help keep some greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere.

Operate any Heat & Glo Fireplace with the IntellifFire app, remote, wall switch or voice command using smart speakers.

Gas Fireplace Inserts

Restore the focal point of your home with a gas fireplace insert. Designed to fit into an existing wood fireplace, a gas insert can transform any room with a dated, seldom-used fireplace into a cozy oasis.

Need a Little Inspiration

View Explore All Fireplaces and review Heat & Glo’s many styles.  Pick one and learn more about the many unique characteristics of each fireplace.

Fireplaces on Display in Henry Poor Showroom

At Henry Poor Lumber we recently revamped our fireplace display area to feature the newest fireplace designs. Visit Henry Poor Lumber to see the new models in our showroom.