Design Services

Design Services Make the Job Easy

Experienced, Professional
Our design department’s technical support staff has over 40 years of wall panel and floor system design and assembly experience. This team is ready to help you take advantage of the benefits of pre-constructed wall and floor systems.

Latest Design Technology
Utilizing the latest in Computer Aided Design technology we can assist in developing the most cost efficient design of engineered wood panel and floor systems. Our electronic transfer capabilities allow us to transfer plans drawn on most AUTO CAD programs via .dxf files. This speeds up communication of designs and revisions.

Local Resources and Support
Being local means that our design team can work closely with the builders, engineers, and architects to meet the project’s design parameters and insures that the construction is safe and code compliant. Our hands on support helps avoid costly errors and lost construction time.

Have a Question? Contact Our Design Team
Our knowledgeable staff will help you throughout your project. Contact us at [email protected] or call 765-474-1388.