Roof Trusses

Roof Trusses That Fit Your Building Specifications

Henry Poor Lumber can provide roof trusses to fit each custom project according to its specifications. These include attic, bowstring, dual pitch, fan, hip and any other configuration as required. Using roof trusses on your next job will make it faster, easier and more efficient.

Roof Trusses Vs. Conventional Framing
For small to large projects roof trusses provide a number of cost saving benefits.

Jobs using roof trusses require less labor than conventional framing. This allows the work to be done in less time and with fewer laborers.

Precision built trusses provide a consistent fit that matches your designs parameters.

Roof trusses eliminate common framing delays by arriving at the job site ready to set in place.

Assurance that your construction project will meet all local and national building code requirements and have the structural integrity your job requires.

Compared to standard framing, roof trusses greatly reduce job site waste, leaving builders with smaller clean-up costs. Vandalism and theft are reduced because trusses are delivered to your schedule, and better weather protected materials decrease the potential for defective products and material shortages.

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