Wall Panels

Wall Panels Designed and Fabricated to Exact Standards

Let Henry Poor Lumber design, build, and deliver custom built wall panels constructed to your specifications. For large multi-unit projects, tract home construction, and larger buildings, Henry Poor Lumber can save you money on labor and material costs.

Henry Poor Wall PanelsLower Cost, Fewer Errors, Less Waste …. Budget with Confidence
Wall panels enable you to build a better structure in less time for a lower cost than stick building. High compression strength LSL headers and studs are truer, stronger and straighter than traditional framing materials. Our finger joint option provides for straighter and stronger construction that eliminates bowing and uneven walls.

Our CAD program checks dimensional layouts, catches errors in construction plans, and optimizes lumber selection to minimize waste. This reduces the cost of supplies and labor and allows you to budget a project with confidence.

Exact Measurements, Just In Time Delivery
Produced in controlled conditions, fabricated to exacting measure-ments, and shipped just in time, ensures quality construction, minimizes materials being exposed to weather, and maintains a realistic construction schedule.

Rapid Panel Assembly, Reduced Theft and Clean Up
Detailed computer generated assembly plans accompany pre-numbered panels that permit construction teams to quickly, easily and accurately assemble structures. Using a smaller work crew an average home can be under roof within one or two days. Since panel assembly is so quick, material theft at the work site is virtually eliminated and site clean-up is greatly reduced.

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