Wood Packaging Products

Custom and Standard Industrial Crates, Pallets and Boxes

Custom designed boxes, crates and pallets

Henry Poor Lumber offers standard and custom industrial crates, boxes and pallets designed to protect your manufactured products and make transportation of your products more efficient and secure.

Boxes, Pallets and Crates
Henry Poor Lumber designs and builds boxes, pallets, crates and custom designed industrial wood packaging that protect your contents from damage while being manufactured, transported and warehoused.

Solid Construction
Constructed using heat treated lumber, experienced carpenters and professional sawyers our crates, boxes and pallets are designed to withstand the rigors of demanding industrial packaging applications.

Professional carpenters and saw technicians construct each standard and custom product.

Custom Packaging Design
Often heavy industry products require specially designed packaging. Henry Poor will generate “shop drawings” detailing the new packaging specifications; build a prototype; and work with the customer to ensure that the product is protected and secure in transit.

Just In Time Delivery, Small Batch Sizes
Henry Poor Lumber offers inventory management services to its customers that enhance production flow and lower inventory costs. We can provide vendor managed inventory as well as set up just-in-time deliveries, minimize inventory levels, and ensure a balanced product flow.

Internationally Certified/Green Manufacturing Practices
HPWP manufacturers products for both domestic and international use.  Those products exported overseas are IPPC 15 stamped and certified.  Our manufacturing processes recycle all wood waste so none of it enters a landfill.

Looking For A Source For Wood Packaging Materials?
Contact Us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions on how Henry Poor Wood Packaging can meet your industrial packaging requirements.

Custom 26’ long pallets being delivered. 

Local design-build facility for custom and standard WPM products.