Interior Doors

Interior Doors for Every Room in Your Home

Add warmth, natural beauty and artistry with new interior doors that dramatically improve the look of every room in your home.

Interior DoorsProduct Options

Materials:  Wood, Wood Composite
Door Construction:  Hollow Core, Solid Core
Design Options:

  • Door Configurations:  Single door or a double door; bi-fold doors
  • Door Handing:  Left-hand, right-hand or center-swing doors, or sliding (also called bypass) for double doors.
  • Panel Type:  All-panel, glass panel, mirror insert and louver style.
  • Glass Options:  Decorative, clear glass with grilles, and textured glass.

Interior Prehung Doors

Henry Poor Lumber’s Door Shop builds interior prehung doors using molded and solid core doors.  By machining and assembling casings, door hardware and jambs, Henry Poor Lumber is able to provide quality prehung doors at very competitive prices.

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